Ontopolitika. Mutilations in political philosophy | Issue nr. 1: Lassez-vous de faire & laissez faire


Wearying and carrying on are thus one and the same. Se lasser is laisser. Abandonment is promotion. Leaving is carrying forward.

From Ontopolitika 1



‘Ontopolitika. Mutilations in political philosophy’ aims at confronting the intricacy of the notions of being and of societying as a human by adopting the ontymological (onto_etymological) approach.

We are positive that this method provides plenty of inspiration into comprehending how the human civic item ex_merges (ex_hist) through the existor_naturated tide.

We want to search the human realm of political spontaneity and political sanctimoniousness, and mutilate it into words, from which we can intuit why a human societyer exmerges as it does.

We do not believe that words are truth. But we do believe that truth can be unbosomed by words.