Entheorapy. A cutting edge philosophy | Issue nr. 2: Mitragyna speciosa, a diademed graciously travolving woman


The mensura (infinitely measuring ability) must connect further and further so as to lose unto that which is designated as the sky, which would make one blue visual insusceptive of being confined.

From Entheorapy 2



The ontymological (etymological + ontological) approach of communication shows a poieetical aspect, a truly major one, that can hardly pass unnoticed.

In this piece, Rubiaceae plant species Mitragyna speciosa is partly used to warp or undermine any plant-specific explanatory trajectory and purely elaborate on the botanical denomination and pharmedical effect structure of this plant for the author to get to expound and disentangle his own intellectional theory.

When it comes to measure, you are taken high. Higher and higher. Which, however, is not where you are actually going. Measure then comes to be mensura. The movement is remarkably there for you to have appreciation of it. The movement is a moment in the tide.

There exists a going on and on, a moving on through, although there must also be a point, a compact gathering, a moment, an instance in the tide. An appeased energy, which also is a vivid peace.