Entheorapy. A cutting edge philosophy | Issue nr. 5: Nutatory Mitragyna


In point of assurance, I must be able to visualise a limen, beyond which there no longer is the thing I am servant for. Beyond the limen there must be me, and me alone, even if only for one single instant.

From Entheorapy 5



A nutation is a very vivacious train of contemplation, one that loses touch with reality so as to bounce and return more vivid and phantastical, more poeticophilosophically terrifying and absorbing.

Philosophy needs to change, meaning that it needs to change itself as well as operate a change in the lives of those who care about being changed.

A nutation is an attempt upon acquiescence and shallowness of argumentation, statistical consumption and how-to obsession, which nowadays prevail in consequence of centuries of experimental (scientia-devouring) development, and orientation towards a totalitarian mindset.

‘Nutatory insight into the lexeme Mitragyna’ is the issue nr. 5 of the poeticophilosophical collection Entheorapy. A cutting edge philosophy.