lyric émilibey (colour version)


The intenser the relaxation of my body, the deeper the remembrance.
Remembrance-oriented, this body of mine.

labbianlibey, lyric émilibey, 1, 7‒8



The two lines above in the short description are taken from my poetical work, precisely from the poem 1 entitled ‘In the PG Navicula while overflying the ES Planet’.

I have chosen an excerpt mentioning the idea of remembrance because memory is what I consider to be one of the principal elements in the life not only of man but of all the modica which the supreme fount comes to be.
lyric émilibey is the poetification of the world when a sharing person is there for you to tell her or him that health shall be fine despite a system featuring a vast majority authorised establishment turned odiously devoted to control and monitoring, depersonalisation and initiative obliteration.

The document I want to share, price-reasonably, with all the readers interested in way-out science-fictionally oriented and nuanced poetry is an image-based one featuring the celeste and the bud shape, the celeste signifying exploration, and the bud symbolising fertility. Skyey imagination and proliferative desire is what a logic ontologist involved in poetry beautifully needs.

lyric émilibey is a milestone in my poetical existence.
Hopefully, a marvellous readership will be gratified by my poetical mind.
I shall phantastical-hearted be there for all of you.

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Find out the uncoloured version of lyric émilibey.

Sincerely and amorously.

Alway In poesy.