lyric émilibey (no-colour version)


My pupils left the eyes.
Notwithstanding out of place, they kept being black,
as if they continued to be connected with light-absorbing eye tissues.

labbianlibey, lyric émilibey, 2, 1‒3



This poetical product consists of the same words as the coloured version of lyric émilibey. However, it is presents no chromatic characterisation. The sensibility is based solely on the straightforwardness of the pure black font in a white environment.

The magnificence of poetry of lyric émilibey is given by the science fictional depth in it. In order to better comprehend and interiorise this depth, the reader should get familiar with the meaning of the bline and why this agent is so effective in disabling the human being affected by it.

Find out the chromatically characterised version of lyric émilibey.