In everyday life, the individual faces barriers that may impede them from accomplishing their vital objectives (self-fulfilment).

These barriers may identify with the difficulty to select one’s own best manner to perform a professional activity or to treat a sickness, or the ability to start businesses, having a home, etc.

The more rigid the central regulator or public opinion is, the more difficult it is for an individual to improve his own status by performing the necessary actions or by looking in himself for the needed solutions.

Rigidity in a centralised society is hard to eradicate. Generally, the possibilities for leaving more leeway to individuals are not considered because of certainties hard to remove or because of fear.

Proposing other solutions than what is generally admitted is very difficult. Funds rarely reach approaches attempting to get to the roots of problems or to expand comprehension by using analogies with other ambits of knowledge. As a result, reflections on society are often superficial and disconnected from reality.


Because attempting to go to the root of problems by philosophy is demanding, and because connecting areas of knowledge is arduous. Getting knowledgeable in various ambits is time-consuming. Plus, our freedom of reflection is paid at the price that we are disconnected from the regular research-funding means.

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • New perspectives on society

  • Reflections for the empowerment of the individual

  • Considerations on regulatory flaws

  • Philosophical approach: Attempts to get to the core and connect the dots