labbianlibey is a non-aggression principle adherent interested in logic and ontology. He manages his own zibaldone (miscellany).

He is currently working on:

  • A hand-realised cahier covering Euclidean geometry using as reference book the magnificent McDougal Littell–published Geometry by Jurgensen–Brown–Jurgensen
  • An education-purpose book on classical algebra, its connections with other branches of mathematics, and its real-life implications
  • labbianlibey poetry from another planet
  • A notebook of metaphysical economics and law
  • A treatise on the existence

    You can reach labbianlibey‘s poetical archive by visiting the historical showcase Ulu-Late curated by poet and visual artist Liliana Ebalginelli:

    You can get in touch with labbianlibey at labbianlibey(at) or tweet to him.