Xmas carol wiggly: A history of their world in [no] time | Episode #3: Don’t be klutzy, don’t get in_ducated, be esooterikally animated

A trilby stuffed with Martian chop marked dollars,

a [Martian] pterodactyl with a passion for a [Martian] hallucinogenic plant,

space-strolling maceship exciting and inciting xenodinos to make a move and come to Earth,

pterosaliva in Elon Mush’s favourite tumbler,

et caetera.

Xmas Carol ‘Wiggy’ Wiggly (CAW) is the nonsensical histoire maker of personages such as God Nzambi, Bill–Hook Gates of the Shitty, Elon Mush, Pterodactylus novus var. martianus, Lycioplesium martianum (synonymous with Latua venenata var. rubra), Baracca Handsome O–Bomb, Mark Hayloft Klutzberg. This is what CAW does—he produces personae for a monumental story to be memorised by ignorant younglings attending inculcation institutions, places where children are in_ducated. The very most of these ignoramuses will assuredly, and irredeemably, remain such for their entire lives. They will never use their minds to ameliorate themselves. They will always be zumbis.

Is Mars a place where we can land?

Have dinosaurs ever walked our Earth?

Can space be travelled through as is by us?

Only in the exooteric, or inept, mind.

That which lies outside of me is ἐξώτερος (exooteros). I may then happen to lay hold of the exooteros and get it into me, upon which it comes to be ἐσώτερος (esooteros). Exooteros is the exterior. Esooteros is the interior. Exoo is the out. Esoo is the in.

One should always tend to interiorise along the conceptualising road. If a human does not interiorise, then no concept can ever be created, and the human in such condition is destined to be overcome.

Follow Elon Mush, and your mind will always be mush and milk. Ex_crementitious thickness. You should try to in_crement instead.

Follow Mark Hayloft Klutzberg, and you will be clotty. No way to be better than you now are.

If you interiorise, you won’t believe in Mars being landed on by us.

If you interiorise, you won’t believe in dinosaurs ever walking our Earth.

If you interiorise, you won’t believe in space being travelled through as is by us.


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