Entheorapy 1

Entheorapy is my own way to disconsider the mind–body relation.

Body and mind are prevalently regarded as a differentiation of concreteness and abstractness respectively. We may want to shun such approach and gladly theorise (observe) that the matter is the oneness that the intellectional item is.

Entheorapy refers to the pointiness each one individuum aims at as well as instantly constitutes. Pointiness is that which I attain once I have walked the line towards the existor_point instant upon instant. This instant-by-instant pathline must present me with the fact that at each one instant the existor_point is marvellously there for me to get and be it.

||entheogeny ∩ therapy| ⟹ |entheorapy||, also referrable to as Enter entheorapy, is the issue nr. 1 of the collection Entheorapy. A cutting edge philosophy.