Émilie is an independent researcher and one of the founders of RE-THINK NOW | RESEARCH FOR A BETTER SOCIETY (www.re-think-now.com), which is an initiative for a deeper understanding of the operation of society with a philosophical approach.

Émilie is a polymath researcher addressing various ambits of knowledge (LAT scientia).

She researches on the shortcomings in law as well as on other subjects vital to society. She published on the limits of EU power and on a solution to the housing crisis empowering individuals.

Her need to comprehend reality brought her to acquire heterogeneous knowledge both by attending university (MSc in International Business, LL.M in International Business Regulations…) and by self-studying.

Her curiosity went first to Sustainable Development/Corporate Social Responsibility (SD/CSR). She studied this field and developed a practical experience in CSR while working at Renault Purchasing Department.

An important milestone in her journey was her work at the Transnational Legal Studies department, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Émilie created the ConScience media because it is crucial that science (i.e. knowledge) be addressed with conscience.

Science + Conscience = ConScience

Conscience means introspection to determine whether an action is sound and just.

You can follow her on Medium , and contact her at e.ciclet(at)re-think-now.com.