Eight poems

These eight poems are meant to be an attempt to draw a poetical epoch gone into the current poorness of verse descriptivity.

As an example, English Romantic poets were devoted to entering into the things in search of details to be presented in such a way that the reader could have a satisfactory visual of the verse concerned. Since the verse used to have visual potential, then the recipients were stimulated to apply their imaginative ability to an indefinite extent in order to interiorise what they were reading.

The orientation to visualised detail has been dramatically impaired. Today variegated multifarious visualisation is not encouraged. And because it is not envouraged, it becomes sclerotised, suggesting that the vast majority of the human population (VMHP) know not how to retrieve and infinitise their visualising capacity.

These eight poems are for perusing — deep reading. They require a calm connective mindset as well as a certain desire to labbianise the past. They are an example of poetry of profundity. The period of composition of these eight poems is 2017–2020.