Adagio through the day: Effusions of a labbian | No. 7: Inducation ∪ exducation turbulence

ModEng lexeme educate suggests the image of an entity pulling (LAT dūco) an item out (LAT ex, ē, and OldGr ἐκ, ἐξ) of another entity receiving the educational effort, the entities involved being respectively the educator and the educatee. The ex_ducator (ex_ductor, educator) is that which helps the recipient of the ex_ducating action visualise the recipient’s wishes. The educator helps the educatee get his own intellectionality out of himself in order that he be able to see it and thus act upon it. The assistance recipient would thus actualise himself, or ex_merge, to a supposably maximum extent.

As conveyed by the lexeme educate, the educator appears to be performing a laudable action consisting in cautiously servicing for the recipient to embrace his own being and ex_histing. The educator would thus be a nudging actor standing by the receiving journeyer along amiable lines. The educator would be an unostentatious unobtrusive edifying entity assistantly there for the educatee to uncover himself and picture his own attitude and route. The educator would be rewarded by a gladdened recipient recognising the worthwhile of the price paid by him for the educational service.

However, in a context that crystallises (institutionalises) education, a very different σῆμα of the educating is generated: institutionalised education confusively illudes the recipient that an ex_ducing (ex_ducating) action is being effected, whereas the ex_ducer (ex_ducator) is he that insatiably and wrongheadedly clings to the persecutory desire to be in charge and programme the recipient to act as told. The ex_ducer is not he that assists the buyer of the educational service in a warmhearted pleasing sympathetic fashion. The concocted ex_ducer induces the recipient to register information in the self, which does not serve to adduce any inner inclination. The ex_ducator should in fact be deemed by the perspicacious judger as institutionally bound to have always been an in_ducator, or someone that in_duces certain intellectional items into another entity.

A crystallising forma mentis is one that continuingly calls for centralisation. The centralistic σῆμα of the educating cancels any ontoetymological residue from the lexeme education. A centralist does not care about the linguistic essence. For the programme is governmentally ruddered and monitored. Crystallising emphasises perfunctory concern. The centralistic exducator is a lackadaisical inducator, a fallaciously educative entity telling the audience that they only need to do as instructed.

In a centralistically institutionalised society, intellectionality is stabbed into you. A constrictively overriding forma mentis is there for you to get the commands inside of your self and thus routinely make them your own for them to actually become you. Since you are fiscally required to fail to peruse and enthusiastically evaluate that which has been encroaching upon you for so long, then you shall bear the brunt, offloading it on your family, and carrying on with your tacit misery.

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