Adagio through the day: Effusions of a labbian | No. 4: HYBRIS

Hybridising is he that is brimming with the hyper idea that he can do whichever deed whilst being infallibly persuaded that it is he that has allowed himself to act towards the achievement, which has been commissioned by himself alone, nature being by him scrapped and disallowed.

The hybridiser, or hybrid, is he that gets to doing and disremembers that there must always be a point to pause upon and contemplate the path.

Hybrid is the intellectional item being hyper, beyond the point, not ever contemplating any one thing nor taking it to be a concept, not ever trying to give line to the point and thus belong to that point by line. The hybrid, the hyper, never comes to feel nor know any one point ever. As the hybrid tends not to be a contemplator, a point maker, he then gets the lines crossed, those lines consisting of numerously many a point. Though he may ensconce benchmarks or wayposts for him to stay put, he is nonetheless so much stymied by the line that he must always neglect any points making it. He does not grasp the idea that it is nature that allows him to get items along the way, and that he is allowing merely in virtue of being naturated.

The hybrid is too presumptuous to discern that nature is that which is always going to generate and posit a tide of itself again and again. He is so disdainful that he misses out on himself being naturated all the way long. He is so contemptuous that he is unable to apprehend that each and every point at which he now stands is he. Finally, ironically enough, he does not get the point of him being a hybrid himself—the point that he verily has been afforded nature for him to reach over and be a touchstone listlessly beyond, never caring, never loving, always being pointless.

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