about us

We are true polymaths: we are interested in various ambits of science as meant by LAT scientia.


Émilie Ciclet has been researching with a focus on Law and is interested in art.

She created the ConScience medium.

She believes in the power of the individual.


Poet and logicontologist, he is a non-aggression principle adherent.

He is the author of creations from another planet.

Émilie created the ConScience media because it is crucial that science (i.e. knowledge) be addressed with conscience.

Science + Conscience = ConScience

Conscience means introspection to determine whether an action is sound and just.


Émilie’s need to comprehend reality brought her to acquire heterogeneous knowledge both by attending university (MSc in International Business, LL.M in International Business Regulations…) and by self-studying.

Her curiosity went first to Sustainable Development/Corporate Social Responsibility (SD/CSR), then to regulation in a general manner.