• Ciclet, (2013) ‘Does the Lisbon Treaty Effectively Limit the Power of the European Union’, Economic Affairs, 33(2), pp. 246–256.

The research article highlights crucial and technical issues pertaining to the limitation of European Union (EU) Power. It evidences how the EU has the possibility to act in an arbitrary manner.

The article can be read here.


  • Ciclet, (2015) When Law Loses Its Legitimacy. RE­-THINK NOW | RESEARCH FOR A BETTER SOCIETY.  (NOTARISED DOCUMENT) .

When Law Loses Its Legitimacy corresponds to the need for exposing existent issues, which however may not be easy to detect but have a considerable impact on society. More precisely, the essay aims to get at the core of what illegitimate law is.

This essay’s warns the regulator and individuals against illegitimate forms of law, notably law without limits. Significantly, alarm is not taken based on theoretical possibilities, but it rests on examples of regulatory instruments.

The article can be read here.