Lexeme scĭentĭa reflexes Proto-Indoeuropean root *SKĔI, which conveys the idea of separation. Science is that which re_scinds, cuts, realities into categories, which is what man, industriously stimulated by nature, searches for.

Another reflex of PIE *SKĔI is the word ship, which grazes and pierces the waters. But as the ship delusively abrades and cuts waters that must fall back on their own individed unbreakable entirety, so does the scientific mind. The man of science should know that although categorising is a major resource, it nonetheless unveils that the “scinding” of reality is not to come to any halt. The travelling engaged in by the man of science is genuinely infinite.

We infer that the traveller comes to a stand only to hold on to his visions, thus creating concepts by grasping ideas of completeness, which he calls truths. Upon doing so, he must set out for another end.

Does the travelling ever end? It does seem to never be. This is what science is — infinity.

Science has reached firm truths, they imperiously say. But these truths should be deemed only as a holdup in the travelling. The issue is that most confide in science evolving into something of higher and higher refinement. This is definitely not the case.

Man should get up and never be afraid of voicing dissonance with any established paradigm. Consensus is an illusion imposed upon science. Scientia is the infinite quest for truth, and the consensual histories we have been unrelentingly, sclerotically, taught since childhood are mere moments on a line of unremitting movement.

These moments are the smithereens left by science being smashed. These need to be paid attention to in order that every traveller should be able to unveil them to give rise to their private illusions of truth.

Consensus is a notion instrumental to annihilating the meaning that every traveller is entitled to.

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